M&M Machine

M & M Machining, LLC has been in business for over 40 years. The business makes high quality products for a diversified base of customers. Services provided are CNC machining, fabricating and water-jet cutting.

The business currently does over $234,000 in gross revenues annually. A great number of these customers provide the raw materials and this has a very positive impact on the business gross profits.

There are only two full-time employees. Each of these individuals has a very high skill level. They both want to remain in the business. With a manager and with three new production employees, the business can produce over $500,000 in gross revenues annually. This number has been reached in the past.

In 2016 Badger Corporation did a business equipment valuation. The fair market value of the equipment was determined to be in the $400,000 area.

The size of the business parcel is 4.13 acres. The building is on one level and the size is 6,585 square feet. The construction date of the facility was in 1975 and there was a large addition constructed

Listing priceĀ  $459,000

Listing # 4524-2015